Pinnacle Lite. Hedging your bet made easy

At Pinnacle Sports we put our money where our mouth is. For that reason, we asked our R&D team to develop the first app in the market that gives bettors access to odds history charts and alert notifications. The result: Pinnacle Lite is here to make bet hedging easier than ever.

From browsing the latest odds for all the big sports and leagues and visualising historical odds movement in handy charts to setting notifications for when the odds are right for you and betting within the app, Pinnacle Lite is the ultimate tool for every arbitrage bettor.

Use case: Arbitrage and hedging

Arbitrage betting is a system for exploiting differentials on odds for a specific market at two or more bookmakers and involves hedging your initial bet, by placing a subsequent bet on a different outcome in order to create a situation where there is a guaranteed profit, irrespective of the outcome.

Arb situations occur because bookmakers differ in opinion and hedging opportunities occur when the betting activity causes the odds to fluctuate. In either case, keeping up with the odds movement is key to bettors looking for value bets.

Pinnacle Lite is now taking arbitrage and hedging to a whole new level by allowing you to be alerted once the market hits the price that will give you guarantee you a profit and to place bets from the comfort of your mobile phone.

How Pinnacle Lite works

Pinnacle Lite gives you access to the odds on all your favourite sports, with the unique feature of a chart showing the recent odds changes for each market. Let’s take a look at the odds movement of the over/under 2.75 market for the upcoming Premier League match between Arsenal vs. Watford on 2nd April.

After shortening from 1.769 to 1.926 within three days, the market Total goals: Over 2.75 is currently favoured by the Pinnacle Sports odds, with the odds movement trending towards the possibility of less than 3 goals, hence the odds for Over 2.75 are moving up.

Let's suppose that you saw value in Pinnacle Sport’s price for Under 2.75 at 2.180 on 21st March and placed a $100 bet.

This is how your profit/loss would look like at the moment you placed the bet:

Outcome Odds Amount Wagered Return Net Profit/Loss
Under 2.75 2.180 $100 $218 $218 - $100 = $118
Over 2.75 1.769 No bet placed 0 - $100

To offset your exposure by placing the same amount of money in the Over 2.75 market, you need to place a bet at minimum odds of 2.00. Anything above 2.00 will give you a guaranteed profit, irrespective of the score at the final whistle blow.

For that reason you decide to set an alert notification for the event that the Over 2.75 market reaches 2.10.

Here’s ypur profit in the case of the market hitting this level allowing you to hedge your bet, by putting $100 on Over 2.75.

Outcome Odds Total amount wagered Return Net Profit/Loss
Under 2.75 2.180 $200 $100 x 2.11 = $218 $218 - $200 = $18
Over 2.75 2.10 $200 $100 x 2.10 = $210 $210 - $200 = $10

At Pinnacle Sports we say we welcome winners and we mean it.