2016. Next US President. Favourite, betting odds and tips

2016. Next US President. Favourite, betting odds and tipsThings are heating up in the US political scene, and from the long list of candidates running for presidency a clear consensus in the Pinnacle Sports’ US Election betting market is starting to emerge. Find out who the odds suggest will be taking up residence in the White House this November.

Following the results of Super Tuesday on 1st March, the nomination race for both the Democratic and the Republican field has narrowed down with a Trump-Clinton head-to-head looking more probable than ever.

With both candidates having a U.S. senator standing in their way - Sanders for the Democrats and Cruz on the Republicans side - and with party voters increasingly willing to send them into the battle for the White House, here’s what the Pinnacle Sports’ odds suggest for the chances of Clinton and Trump to become the next US President.

Betting strategy. What is the Martingale betting system? The pitfalls of Martingale money management strategy

Some bettors are big believers in money management strategies but are they really as reliable as people make out? Joseph Buchdahl investigated the Martingale betting system to see whether the returns are really worth the risks.

There are some punters (and tipsters) who advocate a money management strategy, which involves the incremental increase of stakes after lost bets, in an attempt recover previously lost money.

It is frequently regarded by such proponents as a fail-safe strategy on the grounds that it is inevitable that one will win in the end, and when one does so, all previously lost money will be recovered together with the originally targeted profit from the first bet.

How often does the lead change in a match? The most jaw-dropping statistic every bettor should know

How often does the lead change in a match? The most jaw-dropping statistic every bettor should knowAt any stage during a match, either one side is ahead or we have equality with a variable number of changes in the lead. Ever wondered how often the lead changes? Hint: Don’t put your money on what your intuition is telling you. Read on to find out why!

From carrying an umbrella to placing a bet, we make decisions based on our understanding of probabilities on a daily basis. Yet, our natural instincts often manage to misguide us, with statistics being our most trusted ally to get us back on the paths of righteousness.

Warning: The mental pitfall revealed in this article is so counterintuitive that it has astonished even the most sophisticated statisticians. But before we proceed to the theory, let’s put our natural instincts to the test.

Betting strategy. Randomness in sports betting. Don’t be fooled

Betting strategy. Randomness in sports betting. Don’t be fooledBetting on sport is, by nature, a very uncertain business, but can bettors keep a tight grip on the randomness of it all? Joseph Buchdahl looks at the best way to tackle the inevitable randomness in sports betting.

In December 2012, Mirio Mella published an article for Pinnacle Sports discussing the illusion of control and the misinterpretation of meaningless correlations in data that are inherently random, uncontrollable and unpredictable.

In sports betting, the idea that outcomes can yield to the application of information and knowledge about a team or player can give rise to an exaggerated sense of belief in one’s predictive ability. As Mella says, “a little information is a dangerous thing.”

AFL betting. Learn how to bet on AFL

 AFL betting. Learn how to bet on AFLAlthough not as well known globally as NFL or rugby, AFL is actually one of the biggest sports in the world. Learn how to bet on Australian rules football and make a profit in AFL betting.

Aussie rules football - a brief background

Aussie rules football was first played in 1859 in Melbourne, and since then has gradually evolved into a major national sport. Its professional league - the AFL Premiership - currently stands as only one of five professional sports leagues in the world with an average attendance above 30,000, alongside NFL, MLB and the Premier League.